Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this take to get up and running and what resources are needed?

Implementation is very simple and takes little effort on your part. Since the system is a cloud-based solution, there’s no costly software to buy or download. Users simply need a login to access the system.

How do I initiate a reference check in RapidReference?

Initiating a reference check for a candidate is a simple process. To begin, enter a candidate’s reference information for as many references as necessary and hit submit. The system sends an automated email to the reference(s) with a link to the survey. Candidates and their references can be entered one-by-one or in bulk via an import.

How quickly do references respond?

While response times vary, most references respond quickly since the questionnaire can be completed at their convenience via desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Is there a standard questionnaire? Can I customize the questionnaire?

There is a standard questionnaire available (RapidReference Default Questionnaire) that has seven open-ended questions. Customers may create any number of custom surveys with the following question format options:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Single select – radio box
  • Single select – dropdown
  • Open ended
  • Rate one item on a scale
  • Rate multiple items on a scale

Questions can be marked as mandatory.

How do you verify that the reference is completing the questionnaire?

At the end of the questionnaire before submitting their responses, references are asked to provide an electronic signature to verify their identify.

How will I know when a reference completes a questionnaire?

Users can select to receive automatic notifications via email once a reference submits their response, or users can login to the system to view their dashboard for status updates.

What report formats are available?

Reports are available in PDF format. They can be printed, downloaded, or emailed directly to your client from RapidReference.

Can we include our branding or logo?

Yes! We offer several ways to highlight your brand. All system-generated emails sent to references will appear as though they were sent from your organization. We offer organizations the ability to include their logo on the reference questionnaire. After submitting the questionnaire, references are directed to a thank you page, where the message can be customized and also include your company logo and a link to a web page of your choice. Additionally, RapidReference customers can decide to include their logo on the candidate reference report.

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