Reference checking is often viewed as a tedious and time-consuming process that yields few results. Yet recent studies
have found that over 50% of the information presented by a candidate on their resume may be false or misleading
which makes obtaining feedback from references an even more critical part of the hiring process.

RapidReference provides organizations with a new way to gain feedback from references. With this solution,
you can offer your clients a fully automated approach that is cost-effective and delivers results fast.

Eliminate time-consuming phone tag

RapidReference is a cloud-based solution that captures reference feedback via a short online questionnaire that is automatically emailed to references.

Stress-free, convenient, and mobile optimized

Adding new candidates and managing existing candidates is simple and can be done quickly. Plus your team and references can access the system anytime, anyplace, from any device.

Increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

On average, the standard reference checking process takes between 30-60 minutes. With RapidReference, your team can kick-off the reference checking process in minutes. Plus, the system will send reminder emails to references who don’t respond within a specific timeframe.

Online dashboard management

Our dashboard provides all of the information your team needs to easily manage candidates. View the status of your candidates or see if a reference has responded.

How it works

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Candidates and their references can be entered one-by-one or in bulk via an import. There is no limit on how many references can be entered (a minimum of one reference is required for each candidate).

The system automatically generates an email which is sent to all references from your organization. The email includes a brief description of the reference request and a link to the reference questionnaire.

In a few minutes, references can complete the questionnaire. Each reference is asked to verify their identity by electronically signing the questionnaire. After submitting the form online, references are directed to a thank you page, which can be branded and include a link to your website.

As soon as the questionnaire is completed, reference feedback is available. You can easily access the feedback report in a format that makes sense for you and your clients. Reports can be printed, downloaded or emailed.

  • Step 1

    Enter candidate information

  • Step 2

    Requests emailed automatically

  • Step 3

    References complete questionnaire

  • Step 4

    Access reference feedback immediately

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